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Head Gasket News From The Spares Secretary…

I was recently advised by our supplier that the manufacturer (the only one known) of A40 head gaskets, has advised that that the tooling for making these is beyond its serviceable use and they will therefore not supply any more. They also declined to make new tooling.

Together with the supplier we have now commissioned new tooling and an initial order from an overseas supplier. We were unable to find any alternative to this for a copper and board gasket. This has resulted in a considerable investment by the club.

The price of the copper and board gasket (1A180) from 1st November 2016 will be  £30 each to club members.

A number of members have written about the success they have had with solid copper head gaskets.

We have now also had a small batch of these made. They are made from soft copper and are ready to fit. I am also advised that they can be reused after removing from the engine  provided that they are annealed before refitting. They have been made by a water jet cutting process so are accurate and have nice clean edges.

It may be possible to torque these down higher value than the normal 40ft/lb value, say 5 to 10 ft/lb more. However, if doing this, then I would highly recommend fitting new studs and nuts.

The price of the solid copper gasket 1A180SC  is £35 each to club members and they are available for immediate dispatch

Ray Dawes, Spares Secretary



  1. Martin Hacche

    Hello, I am not yet a member as I only had my car last Sunday, unfortunately it also came with a blown head gasket and cracked tyres. My questions are:
    1, I need advice on the type of gasket (mine has blown between 3 & 4 cyl s. Apparently this was quite new so I’m looking for a good replacement!

    2, Tyres, what can I use, I have heard that 175/80/16 taxi tyres are a replacement, is this true as they are considerably cheaper that others I have seen!

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.



  2. Heinz LUDER

    I am from Switzerland and own a Atlantic A90 Saloon. Unfortunately my window handle on the right door is broken? Is there anybody who could sell me such a handle?

    Best regards, Yours Heinz Luder

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