The Club offers a wide-ranging spares service for ‘our’ range of cars.

The service offered includes a range of ‘new old stock’ parts, reconditioning services and occasionally remanufactured items. From time to time we publish a spares catalogue.

Inevitably, many parts for these vehicles are now difficult to obtain and we cannot seek to provide every part for each of our vehicles – but members will always get good advice in where to source hard-to-obtain parts.

If you know which parts you need from the club, and wish to order spares, please complete an order form.

Please note that the Spares Secretary, like all club officers and officials, is an unpaid part-time volunteer, whilst he will try to respond to requests in a timely manner, sometimes responses may be delayed. Research into non-stock items will take longer.
The parts store is located some 4 miles from his home. The stores are also unheated so winter visits are less frequent and shorter.

Please contact Ray Dawes (Spares Secretary). Tel. 07889 506867

We also have a second-hand spares service located in Bedfordshire, where we hold ‘barn days’ twice a year at which members help to dismantle and salvage parts from scrap vehicles. For further details of second-hand parts, please contact Graham Potts (Used Spares Rep.)