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Why not post your photos of ‘Counties’ cars you own or have seen out and about here?


  1. PeteJS

    Here’s a starter – a photo from last year’s annual rally at Sywell Aerodrome, Northants.

  2. Andy Coe

    here’s a pic of my 53 Somerset…

  3. Alan

    A day at Sywell

  4. bruno

    My ’52 A40 Somerset, in the south of Italy

  5. Anthony Elliot

    Austin 8 tourer recently put back in to use

  6. Alan Flowers

    Ex Rex White car still going strong, photo taken at Stoneleigh Warwickshire summer 2012

  7. Alan Flowers

    Ex Rex White car, photo taken at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire 25-08-12

  8. David

    Austin Dorset, for sale next year.

  9. David

    another pic-

  10. Andy coe

    A more up to date pic of my Somerset.

  11. Bruno

    My lovely Somerset in italian countriside

  12. Bruno


  13. Hermann Egges

    Hi, I am the Austin 8 representative of the ACCC and am the Austin 8 register keeper.

    Below you will find our cars Aussie and Dot. The two cars are both rare. Aussie is our 1939 two tone two door four light saloon and DOT is our grey Tourer.

    For information about the Austin Eight in general, please feel free to contact me.

  14. Hermann Egges

    This is how Holland looks like in spring on a sunny day.

  15. Hermann Egges

    This is how Holland looks like in spring.

  16. mark fishpool

    Our three owners from new Austin A40 Devon 1951.
    Was purchased by a lady who lived in Cambridgeshire,she was driven around in the car by her personal driver.
    When she passed away the car then went into his ownership.
    It was then left to his elderly niece after he passed on, who had the car put back into perfect condition.
    She then decided to stop using it and we were deemed suitable new owners to look after the car until we no longer have the strength to climb aboard.!!!

    She is very original with no replacement panels,interior or major mechanical parts.

    A very roomy car ,which is a bit different to my other Austins…..Austin A30 Saloon,Austin A30 Van and Austin A35 Van.

  17. jairo ernesto quevedo


  18. jairo ernesto quevedo g


  19. David Lear

    My Somerset is no show winner. She is worse than many parts cars that you may all own, but she is ours and we love her to bits 🙂 Rosie Rust is her name.

  20. Joao Nobrega

    This is Audrey- 1954. We have had her 3 months and are slowing getting to grips with the biblical task of restoring her. I got a facebook page up to share the joy… shortly be submitting a request to join the club. Audrey is running great and only all the interior to remake.

    Suggestions welcomed and appropriated.



  21. Joao Nobrega

    This is Audrey- 1954. We have had her 3 months and are slowing getting to grips with the biblical task of restoring her. I got a facebook page up to share the joy… shortly be submitting a request to join the club. Audrey is running great and only all the interior to remake.

    Suggestions welcomed and appropriated. 2



  22. Joao Nobrega

    this is

  23. Joao Nobrega

    this is 2

  24. Joao Nobrega

    just cant upload a pic – heck

  25. Rob Robson

    Here’s my Morris and A-40/Users/Rob/Desktop/IMG_8138.JPG

  26. Alan

    2013 Rally, Longbridge

  27. bruno

    The badge

  28. bruno

    The badge…

  29. Harrie Coerwinkel

    My 1954 Austin Somerset saloon. Orig Englisch Registraton PNN-369
    At this moment I’m restoring a LHD 1953 Somersetcoupe

  30. Adam Brand

    Here is a photo of an Austin ‘Flying A’ tile we have just uncovered in our dealership from when we were Austin dealers in 1957, which we continued with through to the demise of MG Rover in 2005. We have just uncovered it while making alterations for the new MG franchise and thought it make interesting viewing.
    Kind Regards,
    Adam Brand – Sales Manager

  31. Dave Jones

    My 51 A70 in Kangaroo Valley near Nowra NSW Australia

  32. Dave Jones

    trying again

  33. Richard Thomas

    Hello, I am contacting you with regard to an unfinished project car I believe you may have in your clubs possession, that may be for sale. I recently met a gentleman in at supermarket car park, in Faversham Kent, who had a restored classic car that we spent some time admiring. He told me about your club, and suggested I contact you as he believed you had several old classic cars that may available for restoration. If this is the case, could you please contact me with details and any photographs you may have, as I am looking for a project to fulfill an ambition.
    Many thanks,
    Richard Thomas

  34. Peter

    I think you may have been given slightly incorrect advice. From time to time it’s true to say that members and others advertise part-complete restorations, either via the club’s magazine, or the sales/wanted page on this site – but the club doesn’t purchase or hold such vehicles in our possession. Similarly, occasionally the club will purchase complete cars for stripping down for spares at our used spares store – but these would rarely be suitable for restoration.
    I know that our used spares rep has recently sent an advert for an A40 Countryman requiring a lot of restoration – though it’s not yet in the magazine nor on the website – it may be him (or someone who knows him) to whom you spoke as he lives in that area.

  35. PeteJS

    The club doesn’t own a stock of part-restored cars I’m afraid – nor do we typically seek to do so. Occasionally complete, but tatty, cars are purchased or (more often) donated, and are stripped for parts at our used spares store.

    I do know that our used spares rep. does currently have an A40 Countryman requiring a lot of restoration for sale – he’s sent an advertisement for the magazine, which is yet to be published. It may have been him, or perhaps someone he knows, that you spoke to, as he lives in the Kent area.

  36. Peter

    Am urgently looking for door seals for my Austin Princess VanDen Plas A135 Limousine from ‘ 62, who can help me please?

  37. Johann Mayer

    I bought this A 40 Sports in 2009. Meanwhile, after a complete rebuild of the engine and the complete refurbishment of the interior (leather was improper for our very hot climate in the south of Austria – whenever I got out of the car I was completely wet on my back!) and the two-tone colour scheme I think it looks quite good. I thank the ACCC for its help with all kinds of spares. Bay the way, it may not be completely up to the original but I like it, and so do many people who see it.

  38. Simon GP Geoghegan

    There was a lovely Austin A40 Dorset 1948 at the Pershore Plum Festival on August 25th 2014

  39. Geoff Levear

    this is as high as you can get on a road in Oregon
    Timberline Lodge 6000 ft above sea level on Mt Hood

  40. Neville Rowe

    Hi ,I live in Perth Western Australia , I own a number of Austin , 3 x A40 Tourers and as we call them an English UTE .
    I coming to England for holidays April next year and would very much like to see some Austin nuts like me on my tripe around the country side. I would like to see if I can find a A40 Dorset on my travel but as we all know this is a dream.
    Neville Rowe

  41. Bruno Walliser

    Austin Somerset A40 Drophead Coupé in Switzerland

  42. Bruno Walliser

    Hanna and Bruno Walliser (Member No. 3934) at an Exit in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland with our Austin A40 Somerset 1953

  43. robert brady

    my Austin a40 sumerset

  44. Bruno Walliser

    Austin A40 Somerset Drophead Coupe 1953

  45. Bruno Walliser

    my Austin A40 Somerset 1953

  46. Murray Hanifin

    I’ve got a 4 door a40 and looking for fibreglass dorset doors, anyone know where you can get them, austin works fibreglass don’t do anymore as I have emailed them. So just thought if anyone know where I could get some dorset doors, let me know

  47. David

    Hi I have a 1946 Devon saloon and in middle of restoring it.
    I am in desperate need of two front wings and doors if anyone can help. Regards david

  48. Walliser Bruno

    Hanna und Bruno Walliser (Member No.3934) from Switzerland with our Austin Somerset Coupé 1953

  49. Daren Smith

    hello I’m currently re-building a 1952 a40 sports chassis is welded and running gear re-fitted now welding the body sections car was dismantled in the 80s so photos of the interior inc handbrake lever and engine bay would be much appreciated regards Daren

  50. Mr C Sumner-wilson

    My father’s 1953 Austin A70 convertible

  51. PCT1959

    This is Mine
    Had it a nearly three years.
    Overhauled complete braking system
    Overhauled Engine and replaced complete Wiring Harness

  52. sportskayak

    Pål Sitje, Oslo, Norway says: Here is my Sports, used almost daily in the summer months. Not quite in class 1 condition, but getting close… Sadly the bumper over-riders are missing. A40 van and Devon use the same. Can anyone help?

  53. mikesrods

    Here is my Somerset parts car. It’s badly rusted and shot up by teenage hoodlums but it’s great for a photo prop. I plan on using the chassis for my 53 Sports, which is badly rusted in the middle. I think the red neck hood (bonnet) ornament is rather nice. (I’m in North Carolina by the way if anyone needs a bonnet or other body parts)

  54. Harrie Coerwinkel

    Hello, maidentrip finisht with met 1953 Austin A 40 Somersetcoupe. I started this restauration-project in 2009

  55. Edward Williams

    Hello, I am new to this site but aim to be a regular. I have purchaced an old but very muched loved somerset A 40. I have been onto dvla but have not helped at all, I wanted some information about the car, JBK 133. Vin. 09253. I intend to spend my summer months enjoying the restoration. Can anyone help..kind regards Edward Williams..

  56. Derek Osborne

    Hi – my father owned a somerset in the 60’s and I have vague memories of bouncing around unattached on a bench front seat. How would I find out if it is still in existence? my father died in 69 and it was sold a couple of years later – we think it was still on the road in Barry, South Wales in the early 80’s but didn’t see it after that. The reg was either OTG 717 or OTC 717 – can’t quite see on the photo I’m looking at. Cheers, Derek Osborne.

  57. phillip walters

    hi everyone im from llanelli west wales ive just found a old certificate of insurance from 1968 belonging to my late father he had a taxi business back then and for a short while owned a austin somerset reg no KAW 807 ive been wondering wether it survived and is known to anyone? in the club. it was black and had chrome hoods around the headlights i was only 6 when dad sold her in 1968 have fond memories of the car if anyone thinks the car is familiar to them please get in touch.

    thank you

    phillip walters


  58. John pollock

    Some interesting cars on the West coast of New Zealand South Island that I stumbled across.

  59. BorisMorris

    I am restoring an Austin K8. 3 way van , the rear end of the body was chopped off many years ago in order to fit a recovery crane. I have obtained all the panels including a pair of back doors but I would welcome some photos of the inside and under of the back end to help with our rebuild

  60. bribes

    Does anyone know of gearbox specialists in or near Merseyside,it is a column change Somerset that is giving selection problems,clutch seems to be OK but Im baffled.

  61. Harrie Coerwinkel

    at rest for a new year

  62. Tony Darmody

    My 1954 Austin Somerset restored for my daughters wedding in August 2017

  63. Paul

    Hi I need headlight trim rings if anyone would sell a pair-paul Eugene Oregon USA

  64. Harrie Coerwinkel

    Austin at speed of sound

  65. Gayle


    Was hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. I have a Somerset which is a new restoration project but wanting to find some historical info on the actual car itself. I have the engine, car numbers and the registration number. Any advice would be appreciated. .

  66. wurrs

    Hi Gayle,
    For £43 the BMIHT (British Motor Museum) will supply a Heritage Certificate containing info from the factory records they hold:-

  67. pistonbroke

    Photos from the national rally at the national coalmining museum

  68. pistonbroke

    More from the rally

  69. Austin_49

    Hi, guys … I am in Brazil, trying to fit (restoring !) my Austin Devon A40. In fact I need a picture or drawing with illustration of the “support”to maintain opened the bonnet.
    Who can help me, please ?
    Thanks a lot.
    Flavio Fernandes.

    whatsapp +55 14.996830703, to add my contact.

  70. Peter Tozer.

    I worked for CompAir Broom & Wade Ltd – High Wycombe for 35 years.
    ( closed 2003) The company had a works fire engine, this I understand was an Austin Somerset 1950 ‘s A40 . I saw it only once in the early 1970’s. I am trying to find out what happened to it. I understand it was a works re-engineered vehicle based on the Somerset cab /chassis with solid side boards and no tail board.
    Can anyone help with a photo of any typical Somerset as a small truck.
    Apparently it was sold to a fire engine enthusiast ?

  71. Jose

    Austin a95 westminister 6 cilindros totalmente original venta de

  72. Jose AntonioSousa Veiga



  73. James Crosby

    Re the site under development.

    Meets the requirement pretty tidily – I suppose you could still do a job in IT if you hadn’t taken the Satanic route into HR… :0)

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